Situated on the northwestern bank of the Cloven Sea, Shorehold is the provincial capital of Huirg. Once a small city on the western frontier of the young Esorian Kingdom, the original section of the city surrounded by a high stone wall. However, as the kingdom expanded west, the city exchanged military importance for a more commercial role, becoming the nexus of trade within the kingdom. Much of the present day city now sits outside the walled center, including a ring of farm estates lines the edge of the lake basin and small outlier villages cropping closer to the city.

The walled section of the city houses the palace of Duke Edmond Cas.

In addition to the Noble House Cas, the merchant houses wield substantial power in Shorehold. While small merchant houses are plentiful, most of them are allied with one of the two largest houses – the Merchant House Fell, which maintains control over eastern trade routes over the Cloven sea, including most of the trade with the kingdom’s capital (Haelra) and the Merchant House Gambon, which controls the northern overland routes to Samia, as well as cross-border trade with Brau and Desainz.

The Duke provides Provincial Army soldiers as security for both House Fell and House Gambon transport caravans in exchange for generous sharse of the profit.


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