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The Nizarian Bolt is a newly-started D&D 4e campaign, run and played by folks who are returning to D&D after about 10 years. The focus of the campaign is on collaborative world- and story-building as much as it is on dice-rolling.

Setting: The Kingdom of Esoria

The kingdom is divided into six Provinces, each of which is ruled by a noble house – in most cases, the head of these houses are Margraves, who have at least nominally held high military positions before ascending to their current roles. In the capital province of Esor, however, the provincial governance falls to the crown itself. The royal castle is located in the walled capital city of Haelra.

Esoria borders the kingdoms of Brau and Desainz. There is currently peace between the three kingdoms, though tension remains along the border between Desainz and the province of Huirg because of territories seized by Esoria in war a generation earlier.

While the port cities on the coast provide the kingdom with bustling trade from kingdom overseas, the bulk of Esoria’s wealth is obtained from the mines in the mountainous northern provinces.

The population of Esoria is almost entirely human, elf, or half-elf, with the exception of Samia, where isolated communities of Dragonborn operate the deepest of Esoria’s mines and patrol the mountain passes that cross the border into Brau. Residents of port cities, however, will be also be used to seeing Eladrin, Dwarves and Halflings.

Melora, Corellon, Pelor, and to a lesser extent Sehanine all have substantial followings in the kingdom. The practice of magical arts is not common in most of the kingdom, though one can find a ritual caster in most large cities. As such, wizards and especially warlocks are sometimes viewed with suspicion in the hinterlands. The exception is the small southern province of Nabil, which is home to two out of three of Esoria’s principal magic academies (the third being located in Haelra, the capital).

Your adventure begins in the city of Dowsgate, which is located in the hinterlands of Gadrain, far from even the provincial capital of Falhill.

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Main Page

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