Dowsgate is located in the northeast corner of Gadrain, in a narrow valley that runs northward into the foothills of the mountains bordering Brau. To the south the valley widens into high plains where some peasant farmers are able to eke out a living growing crops to sell in the surrounding villages. However, the lure of excitement and vice offered by city life (small city though it may be) draws people from the surrounding agrarian areas to Dowsgate.

Dowsgate itself is a rough and tumble city built almost exclusively around the silver mining industry that takes place in the surrounding hills and employs most of the city’s own poor as well as new arrivals from elsewhere in the province. Taverns and brothels both do a healthy business, as do pickpockets and ruffians who prey on anybody foolish enough to travel the streets alone at night.

Some of Dowsgate’s criminal underground is organized into a gang known as the Gallowsmen.

The city is ruled by the noble Lord Warden Francis Acheron.


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