The kingdom bordering Esoria to the west.

Historically, the power of the Desainzian crown has relied on the integration of fey communities (and especially eladrin) into the kingdom’s power structure. However, the presence of the fey has faded somewhat over the last few generations — eladrin castles slowly fading into the Feywild, elves returning to their ancestral forest communities in the south.

It is generally believed that Desainz’ defeat by Esoria in King Haverd’s War (some 30 years before the start of the campaign) was due in large part to the absence of most fey noble houses in battle. As such, the loss of the war is often considered a harbinger of Desainz’ final decline.

Currently, Esoria and Desainz hold a sometimes-uneasy peace after Esoria’s victory in King Haverd’s War, some thirty years before the start of the campaign. In particular, the annexation of the Golden Crescent onto the province of Huirg provides formerly Desainzian.


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