Located in the foothills of southern Samia, Andok is the subterranean city of the undead.

Legend has it that the city was originally built (above ground) before the arrival of the first Esorian king – maybe as a burial ground, though others say it was a place where the captives of war were buried alive. Over time, it became a gathering place for evil spirits and dark magic, and a home to the undead. Centuries ago, King Gregor send the Esorian army to lay siege to Andok. After a long and horrific battle against an undead army, the Demon King of Andok was slain, at which point the entire city was suddenly swallowed by the earth, taking the undead and most of the Esorian host with it.

In the centuries since, it is said that the undead rebuilt Andok beneath the ruins of the original city and the bones of the battleā€™s dead. For the most part, the story of Andok is now thought to be little more than a ghost story and its location is largely forgotten. But some followers of the Arcane arts know differently and have surrounded the entrance with protective runes to contain the creatures within.

Andok is also one of the only known places to harvest Nightfern, one of the primary components for ritual-casters looking to raise the dead.


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