Tag: Gadrain


  • Dowsgate

    Dowsgate is located in the northeast corner of [[Gadrain]], in a narrow valley that runs northward into the foothills of the mountains bordering [[Brau]]. To the south the valley widens into high plains where some peasant farmers are able to eke out a …

  • Falhill

    The provincial capital of [[Gadrain]]. Home to the Margrave [[:hugo-balthus | Hugo Balthus]].

  • South Fort

    South Fort is a frontier military installation located southeast of [[Dowsgate]] in the province of [[Gadrain]]. Constructed of several wooden barracks halls surrounded by a tall wooden pike wall, it generally houses about 20 members of the [[Dowsgate …

  • Dowsgate Guard

    The Dowsgate Guard is the military force which protects the city of [[Dowsgate]] and the surrounding area. The Guard is under the direct command of [[:133551 | Richard Wykeham ]], Captain of the Guard, who reports to [[:francis-azeray | Francis Azeray]], …

  • Elder Patri

    Elder Patri is the After the party discovers a raven-shaped medallion in the Nizarian Storehouse, [[:133551 | Richard Wykeham ]] orders Patri detained for questions. [[:tkar-andrij | Tkar Andrij]] then revealed that he knew Patri in [[Nabil]].

  • Francis Acheron

    Acheron is the noble Lord Warden of [[Dowsgate]]. Aside from maintaining the peace locally, he is responsible for overseeing the extraction of silver from the Dowsgate mines and its subsequent transport to the provincial treasury in [[Falhill]].