Eladrin warlord


Noor was born in Desainz, in Athab, one of the eladrin cities in the area. The eladrin of this area are a few generations removed from the Feywild, but the area is dotted with groves and mushroom rings that provide easy (and sometimes accidental) passage between the two worlds, so there visitors in both directions are not uncommon. Depending on how magical you want your world, one of the region’s cities could be one of those eladrin cities that makes “worldfall” periodically (either only in the spring, or only at dawn each night, or whatever) and shifts readily between the two worlds. So while Noor herself hasn’t been to the Feywild, it is not an alien and distant place to the adult eladrin around her.

Like many eladrin cities, hers was built around a “spire” controlled by one of the eladrin noble houses. While not in direct line to rule the spire, Noor’s father was from a branch of the family, and as a scholar, spent his time studying in the spire’s library. Her mother was one of the high-ranking commanders of the spire’s guard, and had distinguished herself in several battles in the past. Since Noor’s birth, there have not been serious conflicts that have directly touched her city, but rumblings in the region as tension grows with Esoria mean that could change soon.

As a child, the diminutive Noor quickly established herself as a skilled fighter, often able to beat older children twice her size in staff-fighting, usually by using her wits to compensate for her lack of brawn. At night, she would visit her father and read with him in his study, learning of battles and magic and histories.

When she came of age, she received the facial tattoos that mark an eladrin’s first mature Trance—in her case, a blackening around the eyes emerging into faerie arabesques that highlight her already-intense gaze.

In time, though, Noor grew restless. She knew that war might one day come to her home, and yet her experiences were purely academic or gleaned from the training-yard, and would not serve her well in real-world situations. So, with the blessing of her parents, she struck eastward with the intent of making a “grand tour” of Esoria. One day she will return home, but with experiences under her belt instead of just ideas.

Only a month or two out of her spire, having had a few harrowing moments and missteps along the way, she has decided that becoming a part of an adventuring group would be safest and best. She made her way to Geirthof, where she hoped to meet up with a man named Rodrick Dorston, who knew her mother Miriam many years ago; they fought together at some point before the war and, after Esoria’s victory, he remained behind in the annexed territories. Rodrick received her happily and arranged a meeting in an inn a few days hence.


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