The Nizarian Bolt

Thumbing My Way... to samia

In the safehouse the group decides they need to meet with Olaramus outside the city. This poses a problem for them considering the gates of Shorehold are heavily guarded, and due to the spectacular trail of destruction they have left behind, fey and dragonborn are on the top of the city guards’ hit-list. while discussing their options Torinn remembers that Quoven has the ability to cast a ritual that changes ones appearance and feels this may be the easiest way to sneak a dragon and Tiefling through the city gates with minimal issue.

The group arrives at Quoven’s and asks for his help. He is very reluctant, but after some smooth talking from Tkar, he is convinced to do this one last favor for the group. Quoven then informs the them that the ritual is complex and will take some time. So while Quoven is preparing his components and studying up, Tkar and G’yest made their way to the temple of the Raven Queen to get the tattoos that Noor copied from the, seemingly undead, guards on the Gond’s hammer examined by a priestess in the temple.

At the temple of the Raven Queen, Tkar is shocked to find how open G’yest is with his new found deity and the priestesses of her order. While Tkar was picking his jaw up off the floor the priestess told them that the markings were indeed used by the cult of Vecna and that sometimes they utilize living sacrifices as components to larger, darker spells.

As soon as Tkar and G’yest returned to Quoven’s, he had the ritual ready and is relieved to find out that he will only be performing it on Torinn and Tio. The ritual is performed without incident and rather than looking like a dragon and a demon, they look like large humans with unfortunate skin conditions. so with much appreciation, our heroes headed for the gate.

It was then decided by all that the best course of action would be to split into smaller teams. First to make an attempt to pass the city guard are Noor and G’yest. When asked what business they had in the city and where they where headed: the pair declared themselves to be an elvish handy man who specializes in “handy stuff” and his sister. Suspicious, but ultimately wary of the growing line, the guard decides to let them go on their way. Next to attempt the passage are Torinn and Tio. When asked their business in the city and their destination: Torrin explains that, he is a crippled dock worker, and he was looking to retire with his enormous, mute brother to chop wood in samia. Seemingly more disgusted and annoyed by the grotesque flaky man and his mute hissing brother than suspicious, he lets them pass and suggests a visit to the herbalist for Torinn’s skin condition. The final adventurer to give it a shot is Tkar. Armed with the story of being a scholar, he approaches the guard, But when asked where he conducted his scholarly pursuits he could manage no more than to say the city library. when asked which one, he could only respond by saying, “the one with books in it”. He then made an attempt to convince the guard that he, in fact, was in the city for the festival and could hardly remember a thing because of the ale. Unconvinced, the guard asks him to follow and talk to his captain. But while en-rout Tkar manages to fey step his way through the crowd as if only moving through air, and in an instant, he is through the gate, tucked safely in the crowd, on his way to meet his companions at the safe house of Olarums.

At their first approach the bolt member that escorted them to see Olaramus the first time, seemed a bit wary and suspicious of Torinn and Tio. He escorted the group down regardless and after entering the hatch, hidden under bails of hay, they finally rejoin with Olaramus. He too had some difficulty recognizing Torinn but when he was told it was Quoven’s handy work, he began to glow with admiration of the spell-caster’s artistry. At that point the group began to inform Olaramus about their growing concerns of the resurgence of the Cult of Vecna, the possible alliance with Orcus in Andok and the abduction and intended sacrifice of Tio. Seeing as how he believed these new developments to be of high importance, and our heroes motivations to be noble, not to mention that the bolt is now in a position where all they need to do is sit back and watch the merchant houses tare themselves apart, he gives the group his blessing for their departure and warns of the dangerous road ahead to Samia.

So began the long walk on the road to Viborg, the city where the precious cargo that turned out to be their strange new friend, Tio, was headed. The first day on the road passes without incident, but while camped that night Noor and Tkar are startled by a noise in the woods and began to rouse their friends. They seemed all the more taken back when Torinn, in a grumpy state, pulled out a sun-rod and tossed it at the noise, striking whatever was out there sending it running. The following day the group happened across a rather large tree blocking the road in the middle of a ravine. Noor ascends one side of the hill to inspect the tree and Torinn up the other, to see if there is evidence of foul play. all suspicions are confirmed when Noor informs the party that the tree was definitely from somewhere else and was brought there rather recently. At this point a dragon born female appeared asking for a toll to cross the road. After brief words with Torinn, the rest of her bandit gang appeared and with a few more choice words a battle ensued.

At this point our heroes finally got to see the handy work of their new friend Tio. Raining hellfire from above and below ze set a blaze of zhis share of bandits. Assisted now by this blazing fire the rest of the party picked off one bandit at a time and as the smoke cleared you had a dead dragon born (not Torinn) two dead elves, a shattered giant beetle and a captured bomb tossing dwarf. On which was found: bark skin armor, a frosty morningstar and 200gp. After a brief round of questioning and a heated debate about to what to do with the dwarf, Tkar quickly silenced all with one slash to the dwarfs throat but not before Tio got a souvenir.



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