The Nizarian Bolt

This isn't my beautiful house

G’yest returned to his companions after seeking wisdom from the temple of the Raven Queen. G’yest told his friends that the priest was only marginally familiar with the language, but could tell that the message generally pointed to some action of raising the dead. With more time the priest may be able to make a stronger interpretation of the document. G’yest would return to the temple to get further information. Regarding his own destiny, G’yest relayed how he was introduced to some rituals for the dead and the soon-to-be-dead that would clear the passage of their souls. G’yest seemed impatient to put his new rituals to use.

In the meantime Tkar, Noor, and Torrin had dug up information on House Fell. The patriarch, Luthor Creacril has a son, Mees, known for his debauchery and insobriety, as well as a nephew, Gregory known for his prudence and trustworthiness. While, the line of succession fell to the son , the nephew was a clearly more reliable choice. There was some word on the street that, in fact, Luthor would promote his nephew over his own son. However, if Gregory happened to be removed from the picture, Mees would be the only choice to take over Luthor’s seat – a turn of events which would likely set off an open revolt among the other council-members.

With this information gleamed from the streets of Shorehold, the companions chose to find and terminate Gregory. The nephew was known to stay late at the family business headquarters, deeply enthralled in the ledgers. At a late hour, when all had left but Gregory and a few of his guards, the companions would strike. With some thorough reconnaissance work, the companions were able to discover a disgruntled former employee who revealed the entire layout of the office building where “Z” would be located. This man revealed that the office was situated adjacent to the treasury, which was well-armed at all times. Connecting these two buildings was a single corridor that was raised above an alleyway. The corridor had doors at either end, which could be locked if necessary.

After much deliberation, the team decided to split into two groups. Torrin and G’yest would attempt to sneak into the office through the roof. Noor and Tkar would try to talk their way in from the front. While Noor argued for a role as an important business woman, she eventually fell to the persuasion of her companions, taking on the stereotypical strumpet role, again.

Arriving at the office Torrin and G’yest slipped down a side alley, and finding the darkest area, attempted to climb the side of the office building. In several failed demonstrations of physical prowess G’yest and Torrin nearly broke their necks – and alerted the guard to their position. Finally, Torrin was able to lift G’yest, until he could swing up to the roof. Upon reaching the roof, G’yest attached a rope to a tree, whose branches extended out from a small atrium, and extended the rope to Torrin, allowing him to climb up.

At this same time, Noor and Tkar met with the two guards in front of the office. With much gallantry, Tkar introduced Noor, producing deference in the guards. However, following this promising initiation to their discussion, conversation degraded substantially. Each thinly veiled lie put the guards at less ease. Finally, after nearly crashing the entire operation, Noor and Tkar retreated to the street where Noor began to sob.

On the roof, G’yest and Torrin found two chimney holes and took a look in each. On one side of the building G’yest could hear guards speaking casually. On the other side, Torrin saw the hands of a nobleman stoking the flames of his fireplace. G’yest and Torrin concluded that this must be Gregory. G’yest also convinced Torrin that he had no place roaming through the house, and would need to remain on the roof. With that G’yest slid down the tree into the atrium, put his ear to a door, heard nothing, and proceeded into the house.

Outside, on the street, Noor continued to cry, and wail, and then fall into convulsive waves. Though her sexuality did not move the guards, this sad display did. The guards approached and asked the two strangers to come into the house. One guard escorted them inside, while the other remained outside. A third guard joined the group from down the hallway. After calming down, Noor asked a guard if she could perform for Gregory as she had intended. The guards relented. Noor asked to be taken to a room to prepare herself, and was so escorted to a room at the far end of the building. Alone in the room Noor sang to distract the waiting guard, outside from his impatience. Tkar remained behind with a guard, entertaining him with erotic tales of the arcane arts.

After breaching the house through the atrium, G’yest carefully made his way into a library, filled with seemingly important documents. Walking through this room, G’yest was able to make out the sound of Noor and a guard walking by. With, the opportunity G’yest made his way out of a door, and found his way to the door separating the office building from the treasury. Quickly, G’yest locked the door, preventing the incursion of reinforcements.

Meanwhile, on the roof, Torrin was becoming bored – which is never good for a dragonborn. In a fool-hearty attempt to cause trouble with the guard below, Torrin tossed a roof tile at a pair of businessmen walking by. In the process, Torrin kicked an additional tile that fell just next to the guard, waiting below. However, with great aplomb, Torrin beguiled the guard into thinking that a pigeon was at fault. Torrin remained quiet on the roof of the house, grateful but humble from his near-miss.

After locking the corridor door, G’yest began to investigate the rest of the house on his approach to “Z”. In a room that was adjacent to “Z’s” supposed location, G’yest stealthily entered, hoping that an additional door separated the two rooms. Instead, G’yest found a shining sword locked behind glass, showcased in the center of the room – irresistible to any rogue. With no reproach, G’yest checked the case for traps, and proceeded to pick the lock separated him from his new found steel. The lock opened, and just as G’yest thought he was clear, the glass fell off the display table and fell to the floor in a mighty crash.

Immediately, an alert flew through the house. The strange guests, the noise on the roof, strange noises on the side of the house were all too much – the guards began the attack. Several guards rushed in from room, yet unvisited across the building. At this time, Tkar, who remained at the front entrance was the recipient of a volley of bolts. Torrin was able to swing down from the roof and attack from the entrance of the front door, and add to Torrin’s cause. Noor, readied her crossbow for the waiting guard, and upon his appearance cleanly sent him to his maker. She then disappeared through a wall, as she tends to do, and came to the front entrance, reclaiming her spear from Torrin’s back, and aided the attack. G’yest emerged from his room and began a fight with a waiting crossbowman.

While the companions sustained heavy damage in early rounds of the fight, with Torrin’s overwhelming force, directed at the clear leader of the guards, the battle swung to the side of the companions. As the fight began to dwindle Noor made a rush for “Z’s” room, with the protestations of G’yest unheaded, and gave Greogry a swift, fatal blow.

G’yest, clearly upset that his rituals had been overlooked, demanded the life of the one remaining guard. Following the guard into a room, G’yest convinced the guard to disarm, and lead him to the safe – although he could not open it. With the sounds of other guards attempting to break down the door from the treasury G’yest asked the others to leave so he could finish his work with the remaining guard. G’yest was left in the house with his crossbow to the head of the last remaining soul in the building.



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