The Nizarian Bolt

Shave and a Haircut

The crushing darkness lasted for a very long time. Then, flickers of light, of strong hands, of concerned faces. In and out of consciousness swam the heroes of the Nizarian Bolt, struggling against death and against the powerful medicines that kept them in a semiconscious haze. From time to time they would cry out for each other—“G’Yest!” screamed Noor—but heard nothing. And then, slowly, the haze lifted.

Weeks had passed, and the heroes were abed in Oloben’s abode in Pettumal. They called out for each other again, and found all accounted for—all except for G’Yest. The tortured rogue had perished again—this time for good—in the collapse of Andok. The others had been extracted by villagers nearby who had heard the rumbling and come seeking treasure in the “Valley of the Graves”.

And over the past few weeks much had occurred. After word spread that a silver-scaled dragonborn was pulled from the rubble, the dragonborn of Samarra sent two red-scaled dragonborn (a male, Mareok, and a female, Ravairies, in black cloaks) to investigate. Speaking to Torinn for a long time in Draconic, the dragonborn eventually asked the party for help.

A human necromancer, Orobius Arcturus, had recently been raiding dragonborn villages and travellers, with foul duergar companions. Now, he was attempting some sort of ritual that would do Very Bad Things.The dragonborn had tracked him to a ruined manor house in the hills. Though Torinn had an emotional reaction to the request, the party decided in favor of helping the dragonborn, and set off.

Coming upon a bloodied group of dragonborn rangers who had been keeping track of the comings and goings of Arcturus and his companions, the heroes scouted the manor house and determined to break in through the back door while the dragonborn provided a loud ritual diversion in the front. Torinn shattered the door like no door has ever been shattered, and the heroes charged in, surprising a handful of duergar and a human.

Torinn’s mighty charge fell flat, but he quickly recovered and, shaking off beard-quill barrages, entered into an incredible killing mode in which he slew three foes in quick succession. T’Kar took a risk and dropped a shocksphere directly on Torinn, who shrugged it off and watched foes fall around him convulse as electricity ripped through them. Some foes snuck away, but soon all was quiet.

The heroes then made their way downstairs toward the crypts, where the necromancer was preparing his ritual. A fiery bloodclot attacked them, and the heroes cleverly turned a whirling blade-trap against the clot. Achieving victory, the heroes descended further, entering a gory room of horror where a woman in red and a human in gold-edged armor (?) waited…



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